Kink Between the Lines

Placing a higher value on diversity

KBtL V will be held September 27-29, 2024

Registration opens July 1st

KBtL logo, a raised fist inside a light bulb
Kink Between the Lines (KBtL) strives to provide a platform that intentionally holds space for the centering of marginalized perspectives. Within the kink community, there are some topic matters that are generally given the backseat, if they're included at all. We aim to shine a light on those topics and bring them to the forefront.
"Marginalized perspectives" means many things and we take a wide-angle view of marginalization whenever possible. We include topics and conversations around the common diversity themes such as disability, neurodiversity, race, gender, sex, age, sexuality, socioeconomic status, religion, marital/parental status, place of origin, and health status. But we move beyond just the common often by expanding conversations into uncommon areas including (but never limited to): migration, culture, language, nationality, indigenous heritage, trauma, mental health, addiction & recovery, HIV & STI status, occupation (including sexwork), education, system involvement (from the foster system to the criminal justice system and everything in between), as well as genders, sexualities, and sexes often forgotten (those beyond the simple LGB). We also regularly tackle themes of bias, discrimination, stigma, oppression, justice, mutual aid, consent, accountability, and community advocacy.
The list of "marginalized perspectives" that we aim to cover is infinite as is our commitment to understanding how marginalization comes into play (pun intended) when participating in kink, BDSM, leather, the lifestyle, and its communities.