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Friday – Sunday: July 14th – 16th

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Kink Between the Lines (KBtL) aims to provide the platform for and intentionally hold spaces that center marginalized perspectives and topic matters that are generally given the backseat, if they’re included at all.
For our purposes, marginalized includes (but is not limited to) conversations around mental health, disability, race, gender, age, sexualities often forgotten (ie: intentional inclusion of the letters outside of “LGB”), socioeconomic status, trauma, religion, recovery status, parenting, HIV and STIs, and more, and how those identities come into play (pun intended) when participating in BDSM, kink, the lifestyle, and its communities.

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    Kink Between the Lines is the conference of Think Between the Lines (TBtL), a multi-faceted space to expand thinking about marginalization and inclusion. The TBtL mission is to help people think through systemic oppressions by way of education. It aims to shine a light on injustice and diversity and hope to empower individuals and communities worldwide to utilize change strategies.